Worldschoolling families welcome to Slovenia
Worldschoolling families welcome to Slovenia

Worldschoolling families welcome to Slovenia

Families traveling through Slovenia you are welcome to join our Forest pirates home/un-schooling group. 

Forest pirates are a group of kids with age range from four to ten year old. We spend our time in nature, playing, doing sports and exploring the world. We are mostly outside regardless of the weather. We meet on Tuesdays to Thursdays from 8:30 to 13:00. We play, learn, climb, explore the world around us.  We read a lot, make up stories, take wild  walks and have long talks…  Kids are free to play, explore great outdoors and express themselves openly. We love to go on trips, either to museums, city centers, indoor or outdoor climbing, cycling, ice skating, swimming kayaking, suping…. And many times we invite interesting  people to join us and make art, play music or just have fun and learn about different opportunities in life.

I like to think of myself as a worldschooling mum 😉 When not in company of our Pirates I travel as much as possible with my currently 6 year old daughter. So I know how valuable it is, to come somewhere, meet new faces and make great fiends, for kids and grownups alike. 

It will also be a fantastic way for the Pirates to meet friends from other countries, get to know other cultures, different languages and maybe return a visit in a few years 🙂 

We are looking forward to seeing you. 

Sorry for this being the only page in English on our site, we are working on it. 

We take visiting worldschoolers, kids and grownups free of charge for up to two weeks. Donations, help or different  supplies for the group are appreciated. 

You can find our group with lots of photos on FB.

And here is my FB page,  soon to be traveling/free living blog . 

For all info please contact us on

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