57. BLEGOŠ 1562m
57. BLEGOŠ 1562m

57. BLEGOŠ 1562m

The final tour of 46000 altitude meters challenge 2019

Date: 15.12.2019

Start altitude: 1103 m

Top: 1562 m

Altitude difference: 459 m

We woke up into a gloomy morning. The weather didn’t look promising, but we had a job to do. A mission to accomplish. A challenge to finish. Last weak on Tolsti vrh has left us with 45607 altitude meters walked in 2019. Today we are flying over 46000.

We chose Mt. Blegoš for the last tour of the challenge. It is the only mountain where I got lost before. Twice.

We invited a great bunch of our best mountaineering friends with us, so we can make a party on the top. To celebrate Sunny kids achievement especially. And to not get lost again of course 😉 Sadly a few friends couldn’t join us at the end, but promised to cheer on from the valley.

We took the direct route to the top of Blegoš from the parking at Črni kal. Rok (being an ultramarathon runner) and Sunny kid (being her rocket self) disappeared after five minutes of walking. We only caught up with them on the top. The rest of us walked through the foggy and very damp forest slowly. It was great to have company and the time just disappeared while talking and laughing. Reaching the top we were attacked by snowballs flying from behind the stone made shelter where Sunny kid and Rok were hidden. Snowball fight wasn’t in question.

It was windy and cold, but we have just finished the challenge! We collected more than 46.000 altitude meters and I needed to capture it. We took some pics, Sunny kid was lifted above our heads as a champion she is. She was so happy. This kiddo. We almost dropped her once carrying her above our heads, but she just kept laughing.

We then descended to the other side towards the mountain hut. There was just enough snow to use the small sleds I brought with me. One small and two big kids had a fantastic time sledding down. We did too as observers, I almost peed my pants from laughing so much.

We stopped at the hut, made ourselves comfortable outside and the real craziness began. Didi was in her best element and the rest of us couldn’t help but join in. I love this crazy bunch so much…. 🙂

We also got a sweet sweet eatable gift for finishing the challenge. Sunny kid got a 46000 lego creation, which almost made her cry. Such a beautiful surprise.

The way down continued to be a sledding comedy and we decided to go tour sledding more often 😉

Thank you crazies for joining us. We should definitely do this more often!

This was the last tour of the challenge. That means that I have written 57 posts this year 🙂 That is kinda cool. I love writing and sharing our mountaineering tours and hikes with you. I have some ideas and some drafts ready for an e-book and some titles on accomplishing 46000 alt meters to be posted on the blog. So, stay tuned. 🙂

For our Slovenian readers, we will also make a photo screening and tell you a bit about our challenge year in January 2020 in Ljubljana. Follow us on facebook to not miss it!!!