56. Tolsti vrh 1715m
56. Tolsti vrh 1715m

56. Tolsti vrh 1715m

Date: 8.12.2019

Start point: Gozd 850m

Top: 1715m

Altitude difference: 865m

Another day above the clouds.

As we are nearing the 45000 altitude meter mark, we chose carefully where we are going. We have a surprise for the next weekend 😉

The day was warm and the sun was shining even in Ljubljana with its high percentage of foggy days in the fall. We were hunched over the map at breakfast and followed the ridges and peaks of Kamnik – Savinja Alps with our fingers. Too low, too high, with snow, without snow… We bumped into Storžič and Sunny kids finger fell onto the Kriška mountain / Tolsti peak. An hour or so later we were at the village Gozd which is a starting point for both mentioned options.

Kiddo led and we were soon deep into the forest. The path is quite steep at the beginning and easy to follow. We passed some arty benches and soon came out of the forest just below the Kriška hut. There was already a sea of white clouds in the valley below us.

We followed the ridge to the left, with great views of Julian Alps behind us, Triglav hovering the highest above the clouds. The trail is easy, ascending slowly on open meadows.

We reached the top quite quickly and took a long, long, long time to just be there. To be and to enjoy the moment.

Next week is the big one. THE ONE. The last tour of the challenge. We will fly above 46.000. Stay tuned. 🙂