55. Vogar 1054m
55. Vogar 1054m

55. Vogar 1054m

A viewpoint above the Bohinj lake

DATE: 6.12.2019

Starting point: Bohinj lake 526m

Top: 1054m

Altitude difference: 528m

A fresh morning and a beautiful sunny day ahead as we drove towards the Northern part of Slovenia. We had my mum with us this time and Sunny kid was really excited to have her “babi” for the company on the hike this time. Our goal was Vogar, a beautiful viewpoint across the Bohinj lake and surrounding mountains.

On the drive up from Ljubljana, we admired the white peaks glistering in the sun. The view was perfect all the way from Kamnik Savinja Alps and up to the Julian Alps. When we passed the lake Bled it was like someone would close the curtain. Oh no. We were in the fog again. Shit. Just my luck lately. The whole Slovenia bathing in the sun and where we were heading the valley looked totally stuck with clouds. Vogar was Sunny kids idea. She found it in one of our hiking guidebooks, wrote it in our plan list and asked her grandmother to join us. I promised her and the date was set. So I couldn’t exactly just turn and drive somewhere else could I? Especially since she doesn’t seem to care so much about walking through the clouds. I could only hope that the fogginess lays low and we will come through quickly.

We parked by the Bohinj lake and started the walk at the lake shore. Visibility? Bad.

We turned away from the lake and hiked up, across pastures and into the forest. A very steep path, made from stones lead us slowly higher and higher. The good motivation of the thinning curtain of the cloud above us made us walk without a break.

Till finally the sun peeked through and the sea of clouds was below us.

Coming out of the forest the trail passes mountain pastures and shepherds huts, which are now all empty, but bustling with life in late spring, summer and early fall. Those are the best times to visit if you want to see the cattle on the pastures and buy some milk products from the locals.

We passed the first viewpoint that is also a start off for paragliders and soon reached the hut Kosijev dom na Vogarju. A few minutes hike further is a magnificent viewpoint where we took our well-deserved break and lunch. Bohinj lake was still hiding beneath the clouds, but the mountains were showing off in their beauty.

On the way down we took a detour and walked through the village of Stara Fužina so we could see the Devils bridge.

Mt. Vogar is a perfect family hike, suitable also for small kids. In the warmer months, you can add a swim in the lake or a walk into the Mostnica gorge.

We had lots of fun and good laughs. It was a perfect day of a three-generational GO adventure together!!!!