53. Kamniško sedlo 1864m
53. Kamniško sedlo 1864m

53. Kamniško sedlo 1864m

Rising above the clouds and bad mood

Date: 25.11.2019

Starting point: Kamniška bistrica – 601m

Top: 1876m

Altitude difference: 1275 m

Not many things we wished for as much as we wished for a bit of sun this past few weeks. Grey and wet weather seems to be going on forever and ever. I need the sun. I had enough of everything and the crappy weather didnt help at all. Sun brings hopes and possibilities. Sun means long beautiful hikes and long beautiful hikes bring deep breaths of fresh air and peace of the soul. For a moment there, I started doubting we will finish the 46000 challenge. Even though there is just a tiny part of altitude meters left. Being confined to the fog and clouds day after day makes you doubt things. Sunny kid was not her right self either, moody and bickering with me about everything. We spent hours out in the fields with the Forest pirates and everything was wet and muddy, my car started smelling like rotten mushrooms…

Checking the weather above 1000 m on daily basis, was giving me some hope that sun actually still exists. sJust hidden somewhere up and away. Monday arrived and one look at the live camera from Kamniško sedlo, sent us flying out of the house, with our hiking backpacks in tow. Finally.

The 46000 altitude meters challenge counter says we are now on 43213 meters. Doubts subsided quickly, when we reached the first sunny meadow. We can do this!!! Less then 3000 meters now. What a year behind us.

Go adventure together!!!!