51. Veliki Vrh – Begunjščica 2060m
51. Veliki Vrh – Begunjščica 2060m

51. Veliki Vrh – Begunjščica 2060m

Journey into the winter

Date: 10.11.2019

Starting point: Draga hut – 689 m

Top: 2060 m

Altitude difference: 1371 m

The weather kept us in the valley for a whole two weeks. Lots and lots of rain in the lower regions and snow in the upper parts. I must admit I dislike the autumn dampness and wet weather. I adore snow though. So, when a Sunday with dry weather was forecasted we were eager to find some snow. We chose Begunjščica in hopes that it will be high enough to break through the clouds and delight us with some sunshine.

We have had exactly 30 seconds of clear sky, otherwise, most of the day was spent in the deaf silence of being stuck in a white mist of a cloud. Nothingness. But, none the less, I loved it. The mystic. The not knowing what is around you. The more feeling, then seeing the path. The listening to the senses. And of course, the snow. The blinding white. So familiar but at the same time again and again new.