48. Slemenova špica 1911m
48. Slemenova špica 1911m

48. Slemenova špica 1911m

Visiting the golden larches

Date: 18.10.2019

Starting point: Planica nordic center 931m

Top: 1911m

Altitude difference: 980m

Fall is a special time in the mountains. While fog and dampness dominate the basin of our hometown Ljubljana, the sun lights up the most beautiful fall colors in the higher parts. Spring might give us the full array of bright colors, but there is something special in the fiery red, golden yellow and deep brown mixing on the mountainous canvas in the fall.

One of the most vibrant trees of the Alps in the fall time is definitely a larch. While most coniferous trees in the Alps stay green over winter, larch turns bright golden. It is an amazing exhibition of mountain nature at this time of year and a treat to an eye. European larch is a species of larch native to the mountains of central Europe, we can find it in the Alps and the Carpathian Mountains as well as the Pyrenees.

We hiked Slemenova špica to see some of those amazing larches and beautiful fall colors. It was a quite cloudy day and the photos totally don’t do the justice to the reality.

We started in the Planica valley, walked to Tamar and then up via the Blackwater trail.

Close to the top, we met with our friends who hiked from Vršič side. We already did that in the spring of 2019, so for the sake of our challenge we chose a different route with more altitude meters this time. The craziest one of our mountaineering friends also caught up with us running from one peak to the valley and then up again. It was absolutely great to have such a lovely and funny company.

On the descent, Mateja took us to the oldest larch in Slovenia and then we ended the adventure perfectly with a visit to lake Jasna.

We are about to melt the 40000 altitude meters under our feet. Yeah. Stay tuned and follow us till the end of 46000 altitude meters challenge 2019.