46. Grintovec 2558m

The highest peak of Kamnik – Savinja Alps on our record-breaker day

Date: 8.10.2019

Starting point: V Koncu 900m

Top: 2558m

Altitude difference: 1658m

A beautiful day was forecasted for a day of Tuesday and I had a day off with the Forest Pirates. My plan was to seize this opportunity fully.

We drove from Ljubljana towards Kamniška Bistrica early and started walking at 7.30 in the morning. It was foggy in the valley, but the light shining through from above was promising great conditions further on.

The first part of the trail leads through the forest, climbing up easily. Getting higher, the trees become less dense and we can see down to the valley, but otherwise, the view is obscured by high mountain walls around us.

Finally, we reach the point, where the path leaves the forest and starts winding up on the scree slope- The first sunrays emerged and we could already see the Kokrsko saddle above us.

We played word games while walking slowly up to our first break. It keeps us busy on long boring walks, where no climbing or interesting sights are involved. We call it: Guess the mountain. One of us starts with one sentence describing a mountain. “It has a window” lets say. The other should guess it is Prisojnik. If she doesnt, another sentence is added. “We saw the Pagan girls stone face from close when climbing up” The goal is to guess the mountain with as little descriptive sentences as possible. It is fun.

Playing, we arrived at Kokrsko saddle and Cojzova hut. We enjoyed a long break and some good food. Alpine choughs were quick to join us. First picking up bread pieces from the floor, then from the table and then from Sunny kid’s hands. They are not shy at all and Sunny kid was thrilled to have them so close.

The next part led us further into the heart of the mountains. When we got under the Grintovec massif we saw a few Alpine ibex on the rocks above us. We stopped for a few minutes and observed quietly. There were so many more of these beautiful animals when we looked more carefully at the scree slopes above us. Grazing around, resting, showing off standing on the top of the rocks. Sadly, all of the magic was gone as soon as some other hikers arrived behind us, talking quite loudly. The Ipexes were gone in a second.

Continuing on, the trail is easy all the way. It winds up slowly across scree, stones, and some rocks. It comes close to the edge a few times but otherwise, it is easy to walk and to follow. The only difficult thing though is the length. It just seems to go on forever and ever and you need to be in really good shape to make it up and down in one day. Last year we divided the climb into two days and slept in the Cojzova hut. With the mountaineering shape of Sunny kid this year we decided to make it a day hike. Since I wrote that the trail is easy, I have to add that it is only easy in the dry and warm season. With snow or ice, this slope turns deadly and needs to be taken seriously and with full winter mountaineering equipment.

We were not in a hurry. We took our time and enjoyed it to the fullest.

And there it is. The peak. And a funny guy making headstands on the top 😉 Just kidding, he was nice enough, to take a photo of us. And we did a photoshoot of his headstands for him.

It was still early. We checked all the surrounding mountains on the map and had a snack. We observed the Alpine choughs flying crazily in the wind, they looked like base jumpers doing stunts.

While sitting on the top, I calculated the meters in my head. And then again on my phone, to make sure I was right. We have just passed the 36000 altitude meters. Meaning we have less than 10000 to go, to conquer the challenge. And not only that, standing on the top of the highest peak of Kamnik Savinja Alps meant, that we have climbed all the highest three peaks, of the 3 major Slovenian mountain ranges in the year 2019:

STOL of Karavanke range

TRIGLAV of Julian Alps

GRINTOVEC of Kamnik Savinja Alps

On Grintovec we also made our record of the most altitude meters hiked up and down in a day. That is 1658m up and then down…. It was quite an achievment. The 36000 altitude meters already walked surely shows in the endurance of us both. I have not been so fit and in such a hiking form for a long time. Sunny kid also. She is unbelivably fast and strong.

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