Mountain sisters finally meet and climb the first peak together.


Starting point: Erjavčeva hut 1525m

Route: Hanzova

Top: 2332m

Altitude difference: 807m

Two mums and two kiddos were waiting for this meeting to happen since our Nepal adventure 2016. We finally managed to be in the same place at the same time this past summer. Finally 🙂

Miriam and Eva. Mum and daughter power duo that I was following on social media since fall 2016. So much in common with me and Sunny kid. The love for the great outdoors, the lifestyle of freedom, a big passion for mountains and mountaineering and respect for nature. And of course both Eva and me are mums of a free-spirited kiddo, wild and fearless souls, with eyes full of enthusiasm and a huge smile.

This August I was so excited to meet them. And not only meet them, but we also got to climb a mountain together. And not any mountain. One of my beloved mountains. And not on an ordinary hiking way. Oh no, Miriam was coming and I promised to take her climbing. Me and Sunny kid wanted to show these girls the best. And with a little help from my brother and his Outdoor station equipment, we were ready to tackle the Hanzova route to Mojstrovka in a 4 girls team.

It was an absolutely amazing day and I wish that we could do this together much, much, much more often.

And now let’s get to the photo story:

Thanks for the company Miriam and Eva.

Be back soon 😉


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