31. Ferata Hvadnik

Fascinating via ferrata through a cool gorge.

Date: 16.6.2019

Starting point: Gozd Martuljek

Altitude difference: 250 m

The spring of 2019 was not really helpful towards reaching our 46000 alt meters goal. Well at least not by climbing numerous via ferratas in the Julian alps. The snowfalls in months of April and May have left a thick white carpet, that is still slowly, slowly melting. And while we wait, we are discovering some pretty fun ferratas down in the valley.

Hvadnikova ferata takes us through the gorge of Hvadnik stream. It is not difficult, it is rated B with some C parts. It is a bit more difficult for kids (less then 135 cm high) since they are shorter and can not reach the wire at some spots. But with a bit of climbing on rocks they can do it just fine. Use of helmet and self-belaying systems is a must though.

We left the car in Gozd Martuljek and followed the signs for the Hvadnikova ferata. We followed the path by the stream (that is not very well marked) and reached the first steel cables in about 10 minutes.

Crossing the gorge with the help of the wires

The bravery gets tested immediately. After a few meters of vertical climb, we found ourselves in front of steel wires leading across the gorge. Equally fascinating watching Sunny kid pass it and going myself. A bit of adrenaline rush and huge smiles of excitement before exploring the gorge further.

The cold flowing water and the narrow rocky gorge must be a perfect escape in the hot summer days.

The wires and the pitons lead you safely above the water, crossing the stream a few times. It was fairly easy now, but when the water is higher it can be a bit more rough I can imagine.

The thing is, I have no idea how much time we needed. I lost the track of time in the via ferrata clipping/unclipping, observing and admiring universe. I totally enjoyed myself and I felt like it was over to quick. On the board it says 2h. I think we were quicker…

Below is a gallery of my photos. I didn’t do much of them. Was not appropriately dressed for climbing and taking pics with my phone. No trousers pockets 😉 I need to remember to take my camera that fits on the backpack belt.

A great family adventure with bigger kids. You can rent the via ferrata equipment for all the family at Kofler sport in Mojstrana. With them you can also hire a professional guide to take you. If you are in Ljubljana you can also rent from Outdoor station.

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Always find time for adventures. Invest yourself. Do crazy shit together. Leaving the comfort zone is the hardest while you are in it and thinking about leaving it. Just go…let your wings grow. The world is changing. It is time for self-discovery. Time to trust ourselves. And never too early or too late to teach our kids to do the same. Time is not refundable. Don t waste it for staying in situations that are not right for you!

Stay wild at heart 🙂

Hugs from Slovenian up and away.

Slovenia has a brand new Lonely planet edition btw. Issued May 2019! Yeeeey. Looks nice.


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