30. Peč – Tromeja
30. Peč – Tromeja

30. Peč – Tromeja

Three countries border (and some parenting struggles)

Date: 17.6.2019

Starting point: Rateče – 865 m

Highest point: Peč – 1508 m

Altitude difference: 643 m

I actually just wanted to write down that I am in no mood for writing and that I will just post photos. I could do that right? It is my blog after all. But instead, I ll just tell you why the moodiness.

Have you ever felt guilty for telling your kid to leave you alone like a million times a day?

I did. I do.

I started writing the last two posts on our challenge a few days ago. Still haven’t finished. In reality it is a work of two to three hours, including choosing, resizing and uploading photos. But when interrupted every 20 minutes with a new lego creation, a painting or a question like “How much time does it take for a snake to digest a frog?” one blog post takes days to write. Cause sometimes I just can not handle the back and forth. When I start writing, my mind is usually way ahead of my typing. I have a number of lines in my head and if I get distracted it takes time to find them again. And to explain, we live in one bedroom apartment. There is no other place for me to work except the kitchen / living room. No doors to close to keep the little talking monster out. I use headphones and you tube meditative music to keep the noise out. We have a deal to leave me alone when I work on a computer. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. This week it didn’t. I believe in peaceful, unconditional parenting and self directed learning. My favorite authors are Alfie Kohn, Peter Gray, John Holt and Naomi Aldort. But being a single parent, freelancer, running a nonprofit organization and being homeschooling mum, sometimes feels quite overwhelming. It takes time. It takes energy. It takes unconditional love. It takes inner work. It takes understanding that the quality of the relationship has to always come first. It takes patience to see the long term goals. And it takes trust, lots of trust into the way I chose to live.

I am the parent I am, with all my heart and Sunny kid knows that. I wouldn’t change our lifestyle for the world. But still…being a human, means bad mood days will come. And while I am waiting for the clouds to clear and for the fog in my head to disperse, I can at least tell you about it.

Needing to have a fight just so I can write a full paragraph without disruption makes me wanna explode. I try not to yell, but sometimes I do. I try to be calm and rational and understanding but sometimes I break down. Never tried to be perfect parent, I am doing the best that I can with the knowledge I have. And most of all, since the moment Sunny kid was born, I go with my instincts. I wish to learn to not be triggered by disruptions and I wish to not have full blown fights around it. But seriously…can I just have some peace and quiet?

We will go hiking day after tomorrow. That should make everything better.

Meanwhile, here is the gallery of our Monday hike to Tromeja. It is a nice and easy hike and an interesting intersection of three countries. Slovenia, Austria and Italy.

Added: A few days down and with full moon passed, things are much easier at home. Till next time. 😉

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