11. Škrbina vrh Strmali
11. Škrbina vrh Strmali

11. Škrbina vrh Strmali

DATE: 24.2.2019

Start altitude: Sella Nevea pass – 1195 m

Highest altitude: 2250 m

Altitude difference: 1055 m

An early morning start on Sunday morning. Well it was supposed to be early… We started from Ljubljana towards Kranjska gora at six in the morning but half an hour into the drive I remembered, I forgot Sunny kids snowshoes. So with a bit of a delay we met our friends on Sella Nevea pass, just across the border in Italy. We started walking in a strong wind at around eight o´clock.

Due to the weekend and great weather there was as many (or even more) people going ski touring as the ones going to Sella Nevea ski pistes.

The road leading to Pecol was covered with snow and ice. It climbs up slowly through the forests, about 5 kilometers of steady walk, offering more and more beautiful views of the surroundings. We got the first “victims” of blisters as we reached the huts on Pecol. We took a break to eat, drink, admire the scenery and have a snowball fight. As we went on, we were minus two people, that decided to sunbathe those blisters and wait for us at the huts.

The snow got deeper as we continued and Sunny kid changed from her crampons to snowshoes. We followed the trail in the snow that was slowly turning soft and rotten due to springlike temperatures.

I had a splitboard borrowed from my brother at outdoorstation. I do prefer snowboarding over skiing. But carrying snowboard on my backpack is not always easy, especially now that I usually carry Sunny kids skis too. So splitboard is a perfect solution as it disassembles to two parts and you use it with adhesive skins just like touring skis. They are a bit wider though, so I had some problems when crossing steep slope and at turns, as the trail of other skiers was narrower. I stayed quite behind our group, trying hard to walk without sliding down each step, using weird circus techniques, standing on my toes like a crazy mountain ballerina. I was inventing new moves on every turn. Didn´t give up though. I made it up a quarter of an hour after the others. It seemed that Sunny kid put her torpedo on or something, or maybe it was just the amount of chocolate or the vibe of the company, but she was flying. I was told that the question: ” Do you want to ski from here and wait for the others down? ” was met with a decisive: ” No, I am going up!!! ” And as the time and altitude meters pass, the more fierce albeit tired, this kiddo usually gets. The harder the conditions, the more power out of her. It is amazing to see the strength and the determination of this six years old mountain girl, although I must admit, sometimes it is scary too… but I do trust her.

So, we didn´t really plan to go all the way up to Vrh Strmali, but we ended up doing exactly that. It was more than a 1000 meters of altitude, lots of hours and around 8 km hiked. But the reward was magnificent – skiing all those km down 🙂